Friday, September 18, 2009

Bill Gate’s & Microsoft’s early days to now…

13 Years old Bill Gate and future Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen back in 1968. Nice teletype terminal! My dear CTO, Nick Wilson probably has one…

Bill Gate’s mug shot… troublemaker!

The Microsoft corporation in 1978

Bill Gates, about 27,in his Microsoft office in 1982

Stil 1982...

stil 1982 wit paul alan...

Bill Gates back in 1983

1987… making history

And finally getting his degree from Harvard!

And finally at CES 2008

Microsoft’s Newest invention… Surface! more on this incredible machine here: go back to the first image and compare to the last image… pretty crazy huh? To think that 30 years from now our kids are going to laugh at things “WE” think are very advanced… like the Surface table below, the iPhone, etc. A few weeks ago I was invited to a Microsoft executive briefing and I had a chance to see some pretty intense futuristic stuff… things you only see in movies such as the minority report or the matrix! Anyway, I won’t ruin the surprise!

Now the big question is, what do you think is waiting for us 30 years from now?


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